John Rigby & Co. Highland Stalker

The new Rigby “Highland Stalker” is the culmination of the renaissance of this famed English gunmaker. Inspired by the early 20th century rifles that were used by Karamojo Bell and Jim Corbett, this iconic British rifle is sure to set the standards for the 21st century! Sleek and slender, this is the deerstalkers dream come true. Stocked to accommodate use with both iron sights and scope, you won’t want to put this rifle down!  New London Arms is pleased to be one of the few authorized US Agents for John Rigby & Co,  and we have a limited number of these fine rifles allocated for delivery.  Caliber in stock is the classic 275 Rigby (available for order are calibers 308 Win, 30/06 Springfield, 8x57mm and 9.3x62mm).  

Grade 5-7 Turkish Walnut Upgrade 
Prince of Wales Grip 
Multi-Point Wrap Checkering 
Mullered Borders 
Silver’s Recoil Pad 
Hand Rubbed Oil Finish 
22″ Barrel 
Express Rear sight w/1-Standing & 2-Folding Leaves 
Regulated at 65, 150 and 250 Yards 
Hooded Front Sight 
Island Barrel Swivel for Rigby Tie-On Sling 
Three-Position Horizontal Safety 
Weight –  approx 7 lbs. 11 oz. 
LOP – 14 1/4