Blaser F3 Vantage Luxus Model 12G


Presenting A New Hybrid Design for Maximum Performance

The “F3 Vantage” embodies the Blaser design philosophy to deliver a premium sporting gun perfectly tailored to the needs of the shooter. This hybrid design provides quick target acquisition and enhanced shooter comfort.  Striving for perfection in order to support the shooters desire for the perfect shot is the very reason for Blaser’s latest addition to the F3 shotgun family. The new “F3 Vantage” not only scores with the mechanical perfection found in all Blaser shotgun receivers, it also delivers ideal target awareness due to the hybrid nature of the raised rib. This 32” adjustment free barrel offers the perfect blend of elevation for comfort and unsurpassed peripheral vision. This unique rib design insures your sight picture will be consistent when shooting aggressively or relaxed depending upon target presentation. The rib’s forward rake makes shooting with a mounted gun effortless and the responsiveness when shooting from a low gun will leave the most challenging FITASC targets a cloud of dust.

To fully appreciate the new rib design the engineers turned to the next critical element, stock design. Available in several variants you are assured your shoulders and neck will be relaxed allowing better movement from any shooting position. Recoil management is also addressed by using the original KICK-EEZ recoil pad made with Sorbothane the softest and most durable pad on the market.

Available in both right and left handed models.  All Blaser firearms are covered by a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.



Gauge: 12 ga.  32″ Barrels with adjustable barrel balancer weights up to 213g
Frame: Square F-3 frame, Luxus Greyed side plates
Trigger: Single selective trigger
Forend: Schnable Forend
Stock: Pistol Grip, Grade 5 Turkish walnut, hand rubbed oil finish, KickEez rubber recoil pad
Weight: Approximately 8lbs
Case: Factory case (Negrini)


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