Stunning Krieghoff 32 San Remo Trap Special

Stunning Krieghoff 32 San Remo Trap Special


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This is a stunning gun and is in superb condition. The overall value of this firearm is incredible considering all the features:

– 34″ single trap barrel.
– 32″ double trap barrel, ported and thin wall screw in Briley chokes.
– 30″ K80 fitted 12G barrel with Briley chokes and tubes for .410, 28, and 20G.
– Dockwiller custom stock with adjustable comb and butt plate.

– Americase and Nasco cases for all the barrels and accessories.
– LOP to wood is 13″ and over the adjustable butt pad is 14 5/8″.

This is believed to be the only Neimier engraved San Remo with the silver inlays from the factory.